Lets Talk Subo!

What’s with all the hype? - It's simple, They’re brilliant!

1) They’re eco-friendly! - how many little pouches of yogurt have you thrown out already?

2) They can be used from 4 Months of age - they’re not just for big kids!

3) They can’t spill! AND you can pull it completely apart to wash it - SOOO EASY!

4) Perfect for Weet-Bix, Smoothies, Yogurt, Spaghetti, Puree, Soup the options are endless...

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What Do You Need and When?

Mum Tested and Approved

Here at The Feeding Nook, every product we stock has been Mum-tested and approved.

Our aim is to make sure all our products are not only super helpful and practical to you as a parent, but will support your little one as they grow and learn

(plus all our stock is pretty damn cute too!).

Let’s Talk Teethers!

What makes a good teether?

1. No holes– an absolute must!

2. Interesting and intriguing shapes or textures to keep bub interested

3. Something that your little one can continue to play with once all thosepesky teeth are through!



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