Here at The Feeding Nook, our aim is to help you through the early years of your beautiful bambino's life. The beginning can be tough, but don't worry, The Feeding Nook will be here to help you every step of the way.

We know there’s ALOT of very cleverly marketed products out there for your bubs and cubs, and as a new mum, or even a very experienced one for that matter! it's hard to know which products actually stack up, and which ones don’t... in some cases these products can even make your life harder!

So, to make sure that that’s not the case, here at The Feeding Nook, every product we stock has been Mum-tested and approved. Our aim is to make sure all our products are not only super helpful and practical to you as a parent, but will support your little one as they grow and learn (plus all our stock is pretty damn cute too!).

You might also notice a trend in the items we’ve selected to show you. We’ve tried to make a conscious effort to do the right thing by your bambino and the environment. We want to make sure your bambinos’ grow up in a world they can be proud of, which is why we’ve selected sustainable products where we can. We’ve also made sure that The Feeding Nook packaging is sustainable too! Our logo sticker, thank you card and mailers are all 100% compostable!

Oh, and one last thing Muma. You’re doing a great job. We know some days are hard, but with any luck your purchase will make today (and days to come) just that little bit easier :)