Made to Milk

Deluxe Lactation Toffee Caramel Latte


A sweet, luxurious blend of indulgent toffee caramel with a subtle coffee kick!

These delicious flavours are combined with the Made to Milk tried and tested milk-boosting, powerhouse galactagogue (brewer’s yeast) and are designed to nourish breastfeeding Mumma's and increase milk supply.


Product details:

  • Lactation booster - watch the milk flow Mumma!
  • Australian Made
  • Roughly 15 cups per pack
  • Suitable for the whole family - although, we wouldn't blame you if you *cough* forgot *cough* to tell them that part...

Our Toffee Caramel Latte drink powder comes with a BONUS Toffee Caramel Frappuccino recipe on the back of the packet! 

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