Subo - Grey

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Subo is perfect for on the go, mess-free, stress-free mealtimes. It’s a great solution for those mornings you're running a little tight on time, or just can't be bothered with the breakfast mess (let’s be honest, breakfast isn't as quick and easy as it once was!)

Subo is perfect for pureed fruits & vegetables, smoothies, yogurts as well as soft foods like Weet-bix, oats, porridge or even tinned spaghetti


Product details:

  • Proudly certified Australian Made
  • Phthalate-free and BPA-free.
  • Volume: max. 210ml (can be adjusted to smaller volumes).
  • Dimensions: 18 cm (H) x 6 cm (W) x 6 cm (D)
  • Materials: PP, TPE, HDPE, Silicone (these materials may stain when in contact with certain foods)
  • Safety Standards: tested and certified to Australian and European standards (EN14350, AS 2070)
  • The Food Bottle comes standard with the original spout (12mm opening)


The Subo Food Bottle allows babies, toddlers & children to feed themselves independently. The non-squeeze design eliminates mealtime mess, meaning you have more time to get on with your day. As your child eats, sucking food through the spout, the platform moves automatically up the bottle. This pushes the food up - no need to tip or squeeze in order to finish the meal!

Refill and reuse your Subo again and again. Better for you, your little one & the environment.


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